Department of Pathological Physiology

Department of Pathophysiology is a unit of the Institute for Simulation and analysis of pathological processes. Head of the department prof. Yuriy Bondarenko. In the state Department 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 3 assistants, 1 laboratory assistant.

Teaching Pathological Physiology as an experimental discipline includes several links. This - lectures, workshops, independent (extracurricular) preparation and monitoring system of students' knowledge.

Since June 2006, as part of the national medical education integration into European and world educational space began reforming teaching methods at the department. In this project start and became the most crucial 2007-2008 school year, when the cycle began implementing training system. This system allows a teacher assigned to teach a section (loop) on highly skilled, professional level with a focus on the practical needs of medicine. All teachers of the department successfully passed the methods of examination of patients in offices Ternopil clinics - hematology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, renal, endocrinology, neurology, intensive care courses.

To implement the methods of "one day" were created specialized laboratories that are relevant to the cycle of equipment and provided with teaching literature. Through this reorganization, students were able to perform a greater amount of practical work for one class, they have the opportunity to learn more practical skills. In addition, they were allocated time for independent work. During discussion , which replaced the traditional survey conducted detailed discussion of key, critical issues topic.

The introduction of Z-learning system allowing students of second-third courses get rich clinical information for understanding typical patterns of development of pathological processes, with which the future specialist will deal with the study of clinical disciplines.

Other methods of improving the educational process department always attached significance to study the improvement of the results of our research. The essence of implementation is that the student gets to analyze the information and analytical card that represents an experimental situation that relates to the topic of employment. On today issued more than 40 information analysis of cards for 12 workshops.

Modern innovative technologies open new perspectives to improve the educational process. The new direction of educational activity - distance learning. This is the expected and inevitable stage of evolution of the traditional system of medical education that allows each student to master a subject for individual plans in their own time and territorial space, randomly selecting the tempo of mastering program material. Under this system pathological physiology course for the past three years master students of the research institute of nursing. Teaching is conducted in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Connection between teacher and student goes through the Internet.

A great work is made to update the lectures and practical classes and placing them on the Web-page of the department. Lecture course at the Department launched its first head prof. E. Berger, who was a great master of word.

According to the new requirements, together with the Department of Pathology was secondly published textbook "Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Physiology" (2009), and the user «Pathological Physiology» (2006), two practical works - for medical colleges and medical universities Ukrainian (2007) and English (2010 ) languages, collections of tests in Ukrainian (2008 - 2012rr.) and English languages.

In addition, its property and considerations on modernizing the educational process employees of the department were divided into national and of regional scientific and methodological conferences, and the journal "Medical Education" and the newspaper "Medical Academy".

The department carries out an intensive scientific work, including continued study of autonomic regulation of cardiac activity in various pathological processes. This theme became traditional. Now two members of the department perform complex scientific theme: "Peculiarities of age and sexual responsiveness for the functioning of the organism in changed conditions" and "Medical Information Research Experimental Pathology of internal organs at various functional conditions and their correction."

Also, founded new directions of scientific activity. Has started researches on the following topics: "Features specific and non-specific reactions to experimental corneal injury when using keratoplastics of xenorocornea" (AJ Gerasimits), "oxidativ and cytokines disorders in the pathogenesis of postextraction alveolitis in conditions of stress reactions and their correction" (A . Dyakovych), "Mechanisms of liver damage in the late period of traumatic disease" (S. Prydruha).

Creative achievement was the design innovations with researching materials of staff of the department. Actively works the student scientific group, which at the Department of Pathological Physiology was organized in October 1957. Experience, skills and knowledge acquired as a student, became the basis for the birth of a new generation pathophysiologists. Almost all members of the department started his professional path with the scientific workshop.

Department staff is an active participant in scientific forums, congresses, conventions, scientific conferences. "

6-7 November 2008 staff of the department organized the first scientific-practical conference "Actual issues of pathology in conditions of extreme factors action on the body." Since then it has become a tradition.

Professor Y. Bondarenko, A. Denefil, M. Hara are members of the academic councils of Ternopil and Bukovyna medical universities. At faculty approbation commission of specialized scientific council D 58.601.01 specialty 14.03.04-pathological physiology. During 2007-2015, professors at the Department reviewed 112 theses.

The department regularly publishes articles in the newspaper "Medical Academy": "Methodological Conference and optimization training", "Regional Association pathophysiologists - 50", "Student scientific group: half a century ago", "Current issues pathology in conditions of action of extraordinary factors on the body" "Notes practitioner", "In science there is no fall" and others. In 2011 he published a monograph of prof. V. Fayfura "Medicine in Ternopil falerystiсs."